Science Vs Religion: Perception of an Eastern Medicine Student



Religion, for some it is superstition, for some just a mere word but for some it is the way of living. It is not certain what religion is. Is it Science? Is it faith? However, from what I have seen most religions there is science, one common thing that is existence of god. An almighty, an omnipotent, all-powerful, all knowing, perfectly good creator of the Universe. Such immaterial person whom we owe worship, obedience and allegiance.

Just like religion, exact criteria of science cannot be defined. Modern Science is surely the most impressive intellectual development. Religion of course has been around for much longer and is presently flourishing. Nevertheless, speaking of god, Is it real and does it even exist or just a character we imagine? Science acknowledges reason, facts and evidence hence the concept of existence of such a powerful creator is believed superstitious. The war between faith and fact has been here since time immemorial.

If we view the concept from another perspective, can’t we suppose that there is a god like the one we suppose variable in solving an algebraic equation? While facing and solving various problems of our life we can use this variable to simplify our lives. God is the thing that insures people that they are being watched over someone; a fear for wrong deeds, a fine company for good works. Most precisely,  fear of god is such a barrier, which will not let people commit wrong easily, thus religion is a kind of social and mental law which maintains harmony.

I personally think religion is a basis of Science. Religion is a hypothesis that needs to be experienced by oneself that cannot be understood merely by experiments like any experiment in a lab and extracting the result from it instantly. The relation between these two great cultural forces has been faceted and confusing. But if you think about it, you will find a belief a part from this.

(Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), Ayurveda Campus, Institute of Medicine (IOM)

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