Only studying books doesn’t make us a perfect doctor : Sandesh Lamsal [Interview]

Social media influencer Sandesh Lamsal is a final year MBBS student of First Pavlov State Medical University under the scholarship of Russian Government. He got the opportunity to be the part of the FIFA Confederation Cup 2017 and FIFA World Cup 2018 as a Medical Volunteer. 

Similarly, he has contributed on many National and International programs organized in Russia as a volunteer. Along with studies and social works, he is active on sport. He is a Nepalese Taekwondo player with 2 Dan Black Belt from World Taekwondo. Besides this, he is serving as The Representative of Nepal in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, Russia and The United Nation Online Volunteer from 2015. Lamsal talks about the importance of sports and extracurricular activities on the life of a doctor.

Can you tell us about your schooling in short?
Well, I am a simple village guy who was born in Macchhai, a small village in Dang District of Nepal. I did my primary schooling from there but SLC and +2 from Tulsi Higher Secondary School, Tulsipur Dang. 

How you got the inspiration to be a doctor?
Actually, the there an incident took place on my life that inspired me to choose health sector in spite of being an average student. When I was child I used to see myself in white apron, but I was just an average student. One day, when I was on 8th standard my dad’s friend gifted me a stethoscope which was very unexpected and the most precious gift for me. That stethoscope became a source of inspiration and is still with me although years passed after that incident.

How Taekwondo became the part of your life? Wasn’t it difficult to manage everything?  
Well, I joined Taekwondo in Nepal on 2011. I used to get up early in morning as the training used to start at 6 am. We used to train for 2 hours a day and from 10 am I used to have my school. So, it was a little bit difficult to manage Taekwondo and studies together. But, because of my dream to do martial arts I never had any problem with this in my life and on 2014 I got 1 Dan Black Belt from World Taekwondo.

Taekwondo taught me not only the fighting skills but also the dedication, discipline and devotion. It made me both physically and mentally very strong. But after I moved to Russia, I couldn’t continue my regular training because of the language barrier. I took me about 1 year to learn fluent Russian language, after which I joined Taekwondo here in St. Petersburg and continued my training. I got chance to go Nepal on 2018 where I gave the exam of 2 Dan Black Belt and passed it. That’s all my journey. Now I am practicing on regular basis to give the 3 Dan exam soon.

Beside Taekwondo and MBBS studies, how you spent time in Russia?
After landing on Russia, when I used to asked “where are you from?”, I used to say, “I am from Nepal”. But the reaction of Russians used to be strange, and they didn’t use to know Nepal, and counter question me, “Is it India?” This made me think a lot and motivated me to contribute something for my country as well. 

Then we formed a group of student which I leaded as The Representative of Nepal in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, Russia and started to organize a lot of programs introducing our culture, tradition, food, language and natural beauty to Russia. During the time of Earthquake in Nepal, I personally collected fund here and sent it to Nepal. Not only this on 2016 we organized a charity program here for the restoration of school damaged during that Earthquake. 

After that I got chance to serve the international audience of FIFA Confederation Cup 2017 and FIFA World Cup 2018 for the first time as a Medical volunteer, for which I was awarded medal and certificates from FIFA and Russian government. Then I entered on social media and started to create contents. I am getting a lot of love and support from the public there also because of which the most of my social media accounts are verified. I got chance to work with multinational companies like, Google, Amazon and Likee as their official creator. 

Lastly, anything that you want suggest our readers about safety and precaution from COVID-19 during this pandemic?
First of all, I would like to thank Swasthya Khabar Patrika for this opportunity. COVID-19 has become a major global health issue on present case. I would like to suggest people to stay away from public gathering, wear new mask every time while going out from your home, sanitize yourself before going anywhere and entering home, similarly have healthy food and balanced diet to build immunity of your body. 

If you experience any symptoms of COVID-19, please go to the nearest clinic for the check up and if you are found COVID-19 positive, don’t be panic, inform all people with you you came in contact within past 2 week for COVID-19 test and keep yourself on home isolation until your result becomes negative or go to the hospital if you feel any difficulties. Take care of yourself and people around you.

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